Qingdao Jinhuifeng Machinery Co.,ltd, is located in west coast of Qingdao Economic Area, Binhai Industrial Park. Location, adjacent to Qingdao International Airport Liuting Airport, the former Bay, Cross Harbour Tunnel, with three highways, State Road 204 temporary plant, the traffic is very convenient!

      Our main products are: F1477/1478……

high speed suspend Roving Frame is driven by three-inverter motor with 【Detail】
high speed suspend roving frame is driver by three-inverter motor wiht simple 【Detail】
JHF1497/JHF1498 Roving Frame(High)
It uses 4 frequency converting motors to drive flyers,rollers【Detail】
Bulk of the front, high-precision mounting
Bulk of the front, high-precision mounting、Ribs on the platform of the Dragon【Detail
JHF-517 Doffing roving vehicle
Spinning Suction Fan Energy Saving
In the textile machinery innovation development process,energy conservation 【Detail】
Computer roving machine is made ??of the fibers of the roving spinning machines. Roving machine main role is to draft and processing twist, and put into a certain roving winding rolls to accommodate spinning processing requirements.
Computer roving twist mechanism into the form by adding the flyer roving machines.……
1、A high degree of mechanical and electrical integration
Step motor drive using four forms of roller drafting, flyer rotation, bobbin winding dragon muscle movements using individually controlled by variable frequency control to achieve high-precision synchronization spinning.
2、High-speed, high efficiency, high-quality
High-speed fully enclosed flyer, mechanical speed up 1600rpm/min, process speed up 1400rpm/min
Good power protection
Perfect fit bit stop function
Failure rate, mechanical efficiency up to 90%
Electrical integrated control, easy operation and maintenance
3、High degree of intelligenceEquipped with a CCD line tension detecting device to achieve closed-loop tension control, the control system can automatically adjust the tension-line parameters, the spinning intelligent, ensure quality yarn;
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